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FRC Scouting Radar 2016 (User)


Storm Robotics 2729 - our latest solution to scouting. **Recommended for use on 7-inch tablet****Requiresthe use of the Storm Scouting Radar Master App**User app is now more user friendly this year.This app, paired with the master app, allows you to collect data on live match results and analyze it for scouting purposes.
For Autonomous, you can:-Click checkboxes for high goal, low goal, and making it to outer works-Choose starting position from a list dialog-Choose what defenses the team has crossed-Key provided for all the Defenses
For Tele-op, you can:-Track high and low goal score-Check the corresponding boxes for breaching the outer works, scaling castle, capturing castle, and moving onto the ramp
For all the Defenses:-Select what defenses are present from a list dialog-Click the checkboxes if the defense was crossed and/or weakened by the team being scouted-You cannot choose the same defense twice
For the notes page:-Limit of 100 characters-No uppercase and only allowed to use periods for punctuation
Click submit and watch the magic happen! (QR code)